March 25, 2008 archnemisis

There are certain things that all uber-hip folks are into these days: Starbucks, iPods, Corrine Bailey Rae, hybrid vehicles, etc. Until $4 coffee came along, soccer stood alone as the uber-hip mainstay. I consider myself a man open to new experiences, but I just can't get into a game that has a 92% chance of ending in a 0-0 tie. My first (and only) big-league soccer experience came at a 1996 Olympic contest where the 3 1/2 hour epic marathon (read: snoozefest) ended in said 0-0 tie.

So, last year, I decided to liven up our youth ministry summer by picking out one of my students who played soccer and waging an all-out campaign to take soccer down, and to keep things going during the summer. Controversy+humor=a teenage good time. All in good fun, of course...except my contempt for soccer.

The giant penguin and Nicaraguan flag only add to my sincerity.

Professional actors beware!

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