March 21, 2008

Why humanivy?

I'm a bit of a nerd. When I was in high school, I worked for a video production company that shot expensive weddings, the occasional commercial, and the less-occasional music video for a band struggling to make it. Thinking that this was the career path for me, I was surprised to find out in the 11th grade that I was pretty good at and actually enjoyed the 'rithmatic.

My physics teacher, our resident "cool teacher" know the one who tells you to call him by his first name and lets you drive his Suzuki Samurai to the grocery store from school during class...used to show us these physics videos from the 1960's by Patterson Hume and Donald Ivey. It was referred to as "Physics with Hume and Ivey". Nerd that I am, I liked the name.

Like all 15-year olds who can play four chords on a guitar, I hoped to have a band in high school, with that incredible name as an homage to all things mathematic. Alas, that dream never came to fruition (the name, that is...I did have a band). So, this blog is the namesake of a dream deferred.

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