April 08, 2008

The Religion of The Oprah

Over the last few days, several people have sent me the link to this video, and I felt that it was worth people viewing:

I'm not trying to get in on the "bash The Oprah" bandwagon, but this deserves a second look. As you can see in the older clip from Oprah's show, it is nothing new for her to deny that Jesus is the only way to heaven...she's been doing that for years. What is new is her mass media efforts to spread the teachings of New Age writer Eckhart Tolle. His latest book, The New Earth is an effort to move humanity to a new state of consciousness that is more loving and kind than the current state. It is essentially Buddism and "the power of ME" mixed together with a nod towards Christianity. Each Monday night, The Oprah and Guru Tolle provide a webcast of his teachings...and her excitement about his teachings.

In this video, Oprah speaks in a derogative way towards an 8:00 AM worship service that she attended in her Baptist (shudder!) past that involved having to get there early because there so many people there (um...doesn't their weekly webcast bring in about 3 million viewers?), the pastor was a charismatic leader (sort of like...The Oprah!), and that she liked the teaching about God's love (the same things The Oprah likes about Tolle's teachings). Only when the pastor spoke of God's jealous love did The Oprah walk away from it.

Oddly enough, The Oprah says that it was when the pastor said that "God was jealous OF me" that she became disinterested. God, of course, is not jealous OF you The Oprah (although, of all people, your wealth may be closest to His)...He is jealous FOR you. He wants your attention, not because He's some cosmic killjoy, but ultimately because He knows that He is the best thing for you...not yourself! Why is it that they very things that you didn't like about the service you went to are the very things that you have now become? Do you see the irony?

Tolle goes on to say that "God is a feeling experience...not a believing experience" and "a belief is not truly God." He espouses that it is our "belief in God" that is the worst thing possible, because we should focus on feeling God. And do you really think that when Jesus said, "I am the light of the world", he was talking about a "new consciousness"...something totally foreign to 1st Century Palestine?

The sad part is that, like the young mom in the video, there are tons of people who will be taken in by this...sadly, even those proclaiming to know Christ. Those who love The Oprah for her charity work, her giving away cars, and her "getting to the bottom of celebrites' love lives" will follow her right off the cliff in this one too. This video makes it tough to explain her theology away, when it so clearly lines up as opposite to Scripture. I hate to see this self-centered, "I'm my own god", me-powered, "god is whatever you feel he is" malarkey coming from a (er...fellow) Mississippian, and I hate even more that it's being pumped into millions of homes.

I guess when you're a billionaire who's accomplished everything you've ever wanted to do by age 50, the only thing left to do is to convince people that you are a god to be worshiped.

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