June 18, 2008

Come On Down To the Barn


WHAT? Did I really just see that? Is this a joke?

Unfortunately, no. It's real.

A pastor friend of mine sent this to me saying that someone in his church requested that he show this in their morning services. (And, no, he is not the pastor of the "Hell No, Heaven Yes, Full Gospel Pentecostal Holiness Temple"...don't steal my name...I plan on using it one day.)

This is the "comedy" styling of Lewis and Lewis. For those too lazy to click the link, they are a geriatric comedy troupe that tours the nation singing "three minute-messages" to congregations "all over the Bible belt." (They're in Lucedale on June 29th at Temple Baptist Church, for all my peeps in Mississippi!) You, I'm sure, recognize them from such hits as "Sorry, This Heart is Taken" and "I Won't Trade the Old Rugged Cross (To Sing Your Cheatin' Heart)". It's kind of like Ray Stevens, but a little more angry and not quite as funny. Browse their site if you like...

So, here's the quandary. Let's say you're a hip, trendy, and theologically conservative Christ-follower. You take the Bible seriously, but you're not mad about it. You love people genuinely. You hate the sin and love the sinner. You're not perfect, but you're humble, thoughtful and seeking to know and love the Lord. Because of that, you realize the Bible's teaching on homosexuality, and you agree it's a sin. You don't picket interstate rest areas or hand out tracts at the NCAA Women's Final Four, or anything like that...you even have some friends who are gay...but they know where you stand, and appreciate your willingness to love them, while holding to your morals and convictions.

Then, one of your friends (the one who you always seem to get into this discussion with) sends you a link from www.humanivy.com saying, "See! I told you that you're all like this!"

"What do I say now?" you wonder as you pull your horned-rim-clear-glass eyeglasses off of your head to rub your eyes while you're sitting in Starbucks reading John Piper and listening to The Shins on your iPod. "How does this help?"

Allow me to go metaphorical...let's just say that you are very much for Child Literacy. You support it, you campaign for it. You find yourself at a child literacy rally, standing up and saying loudly, "I'm for Child Literacy!" All of a sudden, from the back of the room, a man stands up and says, "We're here from the 'Let's Eat Babies Society', and we like to eat babies. But, we're also for child literacy, so you can count us in to join your campaign!" You're thought would probably be, "Thanks! But, no thanks!" Being FOR child literacy does not balance out the fact that you are also FOR eating babies. Am I being too vague?

If you saw this video and the line "a million happy ganders never gonna make a single goose" made you forsake your lifestyle, please email me and I will eat this post for dinner.


davisseal said...

Why is a crazy old man singing me an invitation to "come on down to the barn"? Seems kinda gay to me. I have no idea what he was singing about. I was too worried about why he wanted me in his barn. He seems quite theatrical--know what they say about guys in theater...

Jeremiah said...

I want the follow-up post to have a music video from the Lets Eat Babies Society.

And I would definitely go see these guys if they came near my town. And, you know, somebody paid me a lot of money, too.

sweathead1 said...

I was a little worried there for a second that they were gonna show us how the "right plumbing" works.

Do they have wireless access at the barn?