June 14, 2008

Who Says Baptists Don't Dance?

This year at First Baptist Church Hattiesburg's annual Vacation Bible School, the kids were challenged to raise over $1500 for missions. If they did, they were promised a hula dance by our pastor, Dr. Jeff Clark. (Click here for more thoughts on pastors and VBS).

Having raised just over that mark, the dance was on. Let me tell you this: there is nothing like seeing Mission Man (famed VBS superhero), your pastor (in shorts), the children's minster's son, and a guy in a monkey suit with a Chewbacca mask (long story short, they couldn't find the gorilla mask...when the Chewrilla came running down the aisle, the first thing I thought was, "that gorilla has highlights in his hair"...also, I've never pondered what it would look like if Chewbacca and King Kong ever got together, had a little too much to drink, and consummated their love, thus producing a love child...but now I don't have to ever ask that question) doing the MC Hammer side-step.

I love my church...a lot. If you look carefully around the 1:13 mark of that video, you will NOT see me in the background, because I am laying on the pew and crying since I'm laughing so hard. To quote Jeff Clark, "I've got about 20 seconds of hula in me, but then we've got to play something I know how to do."

This is not your grandma's VBS.

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Jeremiah said...

Ah ha ha ha ha!!! The bar has been set! The only thing that could top that would be Jay in a Batman costume doing the running man!