September 14, 2008

CNN Asks a Great Question!

Last week, CNN asked an incredibly intelligent and theologically worthy question about the potential for Sarah Palin to become the nation's first Vice President of the United States. As usual, they provided two opposing viewpoints to debate it out. Their choices were Voddie Baucham, whose introduction doesn't sound as impressive as you would think. Voddie is actually quite an accomplished pastor and speaker. He has a doctorate from Southeastern Seminary and has done post-graduate studies at THE Oxford University. The other voice is Margaret Feinberg, an author and speaker who was listed by Charisma magazine as one of the 30 emerging voices that will lead the church in the next decade. Their conversation is very insightful, and I'm amazed that CNN felt like this was an important conversation to air on their network...because it is:

The weird part is that I've got connections to both of these debaters. In 2000, Voddie Baucham spoke at a camp that my band led worship for in Texas. It is no exaggeration to say that he is one of the most brilliant theological minds in our country today. Every day, we would try to find time with him by buying him lunch or hanging out with him by the pool. On my birthday, we were eating at a small diner in Bee Cave, TX and he intimidated the wait staff into singing me happy birthday by yelling into the kitchen, "'s this man's birthday out here...ya'll gonna sing to him or what?" I should mention that he was a college football player at Rice University with serious pro prospects before quitting to join the ministry. He was gracious with his time and our questions as we picked his brain for a long time each day. When I did youth ministry, I took my teenagers to hear him speak at a camp one year, simply because of his excellence in teaching deep theological concepts to young people.

Last week I was at a young adult ministry conference where Margaret Feinberg was a speaker. It was a small conference, and both mornings, I ended up on the elevator with she and her husband. She analyzed my breakfast trash one morning, and the next morning I implied that we were all lazy for taking the elevator. She was an excellent speaker and breakout session leader, and I enjoyed the conference. I wasn't aware of her CNN appearance with Voddie at the time.

The debate they have is insightful, and I think that Voddie is unfairly characterized as being chauvinistic. Having heard both of them teach, I agree with the majority of their beliefs, and disagree with a few from both of them. One thing I do know is that you DO NOT want to quote Scripture to Voddie...that's one of his strong suits. Better work on another argument there.

No matter where you stand on the election or the theology of a woman vice president, this is an interesting conversation worth having. Will the prospect of a woman vice president, which most evangelicals are energized about, cause conservative churches to rethink the role of women in leadership at their churches? My guess is no.

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Jennifer said...

so, I'm glad that through Shelley I could pass along the CNN interview to you. I have a question for you though. What in the world could you possibly disagree with voddie about??
Also, I'm sad you guys were at the quad and we did not know about it. :(