September 12, 2008

The Greatest Christian Song Ever...Performed!

I've got to say that it's a rare find to stumble across two gems on consecutive days. If you missed yesterday's greatest Christian song ever written, then you won't want to miss today's greatest Christian song ever performed:

Gadzooks, did you see that "break-dancing"? The skill is there, yet there is clearly restraint shown since they are in a church. That takes some self-control, because we all know that once the cheesy, white-bread rhythm gets you...ya' just can't be stizzz-oppped! Plus, the synthesizer and drum-machine have never sounded so holy, yet so...NOW.

At what point was this ever considered cool? Youth choirs, human video performers, drama troupes and show choirs should sit up and take notice. This is how you will look in ten years!

To be fair, though, the trio is appropriately dressed. What better way to listen to/perform churchy cheese-pop than in a suit and matching bridesmaid dress rejects.

If you were part of a church choir or group that performed music like this growing up, PLEASE LET US HEAR FROM YOU. Fortunately, my youth group wanted to do this, but we didn't have the...*ahem*...talent.


Aletta said...

Now that is good...but doesn't hold a candle to "Jesus Is My Friend!" Jay, I don't know where you find these things!! You would be proud to know that "Jesus Is My Friend" hit the Nashville Christian Music stations yesterday. Everytime I got in my car yesterday I heard it on the radio!

Melanie said...

So you know...this one made to
VH1's "Best Week Ever" show. They played the portion that included the male's "dance special."