September 25, 2008

Sermon Series--Q & A 2.0: Nothing's Off Limits

Sunday nights in October at First Hattiesburg, I'll be taking questions from our church that they want to see answered about God, the Bible, life, Christ, etc. There are several ways that you can ask your questions, and I hope you'll get creative with the way that you do it! Here are some suggestions:

1) Upload a Video Response on the YouTube page where the video is located. Here are instructions how. Feel free to simply post the question in the comments section too.

2) Record your question live on Sunday morning, Sunday night, or Wednesday nights at First Hattiesburg. Sunday mornings, I'll have a camera, and Sunday or Wednesday nights, you can find one of our tech guys roaming around looking for anyone who has questions to submit.

3) Email your questions directly to me.

4) Post them on our Facebook page.

5) Post them on our church blog page. You can also record a video comment here.

6) If you are really embarrassed, simply write your question on a slip of paper and drop it in the offering plate on Sundays. Just mark it "Q & A 2.0".

I hope you'll help make this a great time together on Sunday nights. Usually it's one of our staff teaching you what we think you need to hear. This time, you get to decide the content! Make the most of it!

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