November 04, 2008

President Obama

Regardless of your politics, you have to admit that it is an amazing thing to witness the election of the first non-white president in American history. Less than 50 years ago, many people of color could not get equal treatment in restaurants, much less in the highest level of government. Now, that has all changed, and it's pretty fair to say that this is the end of institutional racism in our country.

On the other hand, it is equally amazing to see that we have elected the most liberal senator serving to the most powerful office in the world. I wrote a post back in May about why I thought that Barack Obama is the perfect postmodern candidate. The nation has spoken, and whether it is a revolt against the last eight years or not, the message is pretty clear: we want our government to play a bigger role in our everyday lives and we we want to move towards a much more socialized way of doing things.

Those on the evangelical left who have accused those on the evangelical right of being "single-issue voters" on the issue of abortion have claimed that an Obama presidency will do more to decrease the number of abortions than a McCain presidency would. They will now have a chance to see if they are correct.

If you consider yourself a Christian, then our mandate from Scripture is clear: Romans 13:1-7. Paul implores the Romans, who are under the rule of the abhorrent Nero, to submit to the authorities that are in place, since they are only there because God has allowed it. You may not agree with Obama's stances and policies, and you may find some of them outright disgusting. But, as of January, he is our president, and I will pray for him.

I hope you join me. He is certainly no Nero.

He's not the Biblical anti-Christ, either. I am dumbfounded at how many thinking and intelligent adults have made this claim over the past few weeks, and how clear of a misunderstanding of Scripture this shows. You could fill the books of history with those predicted to be the anti-Christ (Hitler, Stalin, Bush, Reagan, JFK, bin Laden, etc....Thomas Jefferson even thought that the apostle Paul was the anti-Christ) and 100% of those predictions have been wrong. In fact, I would never make this claim until you are absolutely sure of it without a shadow of a doubt. So many of the passages about the anti-Christ in the Bible are written as apocalyptic literature, so no one can be 100% certain that the anti-Christ is even a person. It could be an entity like a country, a governing body, or simply a metaphor for a false gospel.

Ephesians 5:15-17 implore us to be wise, and this includes the way we live and speak. We need not disqualify our witness because of fear or defeat (Paul reminds us that we are not to live by fear either: 2 Timothy 1:7).

God has always worked to draw His people towards Himself regardless of what was going on in the nations, and our future will be no different. If President Obama delivers the utopia that he has campaigned for, and our nation becomes more giving, caring, Christ-like and generous, and moves us into more of a "culture of life" mentality then he will get my vote in four years.

If his policies lead our country into more hardship, division, recession and a "culture of death" mentality, then that's the great thing about America: we can vote for the next person who promises us the world.


Dane Conrad said...

been having this very same discussion on facebook

i also wanted to let you know that i heard Tom Brokaw specifically note that Obama was the first "postmodern" leader and then listed the ways in which Obama's history made him a perfect fit. you think Brokaw has been reading

humanivy said...

Wow, really? I guess everyone who is anyone reads!

Quit stealing my ideas, Brokaw!

Damion Flynn said...

Followed a link from facebook here. Interesting post. I also happen to be in Mississippi (Gulf Coast).