November 10, 2008

Q and A Revisited: #8--Adam and Eve

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Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?

Now, this is one that has been argued for thousands of years. Churches have split, denominations have been formed, brother has fought against never stops!

My gut on this one, is who cares?!?! This is one of those questions that youth ministers like to throw out to get people thinking...or arguing!

But, since someone cared enough to ask it...

How to you get a belly button? It's a scar from your umbilical cord. Clearly they didn’t have umbilical cords if they were created by God…so no, they did not.

But don’t you think they were jealous when that first son was born? Don’t you think their kids were upset that they never had to dig the lint out of those things?

You know, a lot gets made about Adam and Eve. Let me remind you this: Genesis is not a science book; it’s a book about theology.

The important part is not science and how the earth was created. The important part is the God who did the creating, and Genesis is meant to point us to Him.

So, I will leave you with this thought. When you picture Adam and Eve…how old do you think they were when they were created? 20 years old...30? My guess is at the youngest 15 or 16, right?

So they were created in a mature state as mature adults, most of us would agree. If God can create two adults in a mature state, and create them to appear years older than their actual creation age, then couldn’t he also create a universe that was in a mature state, appearing older than it’s actual creation age?

Something to think about...

Someone asked a follow up question about dinosaurs. Did they really exist, and if so, then why aren't they mentioned in the Bible?

Dinosaurs did exist. If they didn't, then we've got some weird explaining to do about the fossils that have been found.

But are they mentioned in the Bible, or not? The Hebrew word, tanniyn, is used to describe animal and it is usually translated as "sea serpent" or "dragon" into English. Could this be a reference to a dinosaur? Maybe. Truth is, we don't know.

The question also has to do with whether you believe the earth is relatively young (6000-10,000 years old) or relatively old (millions of years). The Bible is inconclusive as to the exact age of the earth, and both sides can point to evidence in science and the Bible to back their claims.

So, some things we can be clear on: 1) God is the Creator, 2) dinosaurs did exist. They may or may not have been in the Bible, and most likely they died out sometime during or shortly after the flood (Genesis 6). Anything beyond this is speculation. Nothing that science has discovered can rule out the idea that dinosaurs and humans lived together in the pre-flood world. Fossils in North America and Western Africa, along with petroglyphs and cave drawings provide evidence that this could have been the case.

Either way, it's best to stay close to the Biblical account and worship the God and Creator that it points us towards.

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