July 14, 2009

Fix it Yourself...

Yesterday, I told you about a guy selling VHS tapes at a flea market I recently visited. Besides being a peddler of old movies, he had an antique buffet table for sale for $75. The only catch was that it was missing one of the handles.

When we inquired about it, he told us the price and said that it was a good piece of furniture. "Oh, and by the way," he said, "the missing handle is in the drawer. You just have to put it on yourself."

How many people do you think would figure this out just by walking by and looking? And is the flea market so busy that he doesn't have five minutes to put the handle on? Is this a pride issue? If you want it, you've got to do it yourself?"

How about putting the handle on yourself, sir, and charging $100 for the buffet. I guarantee some will pay the extra $25.

Sometimes it only takes a little extra effort to turn something average into something desirable. The problem comes when we expect those we're trying to reach to make the effort before we do.


Tricia said...

You are so deep, Jay. I love reading your posts.

Screw Lucy said...

That would sell for about $200-$500 depending on how you marketed it and where.

If I was writing this blog it would be about how I scored a great find and made someone else put the handle on for me.

Maybe you should think more about what you should be doing and less about what others should be doing.