July 20, 2009

You Probably Know Enough

I'm currently writing a paper that explores postmodernism's effects on a particular author's theology on salvation. He has written a book
that centers (more or less) around a central question: What if Jesus had actually concealed his deepest message, not trying to make it overt and obvious but intentionally hiding it as a treasure one must seek in order to find?

A lot of people are vying today to present the real Jesus. It seems that we are all content to make Jesus into our own image instead of trying to conform to his. Whether it's hippie Jesus, Republican Jesus, homeless Jesus, angry Jesus, loving and permissive Jesus, etc., a lot of us think we have him figured out.

In recent years, even Christians have become enamored with alternative views of Jesus that diverge (slightly and strongly) from the historic evangelical understanding of him. From The Da Vinci Code
to Jesus, CEO: Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership, the biblical presentation of Jesus seems...well, less interesting.

The author I'm studying says that Jesus is more interesting than we think, but we just have missed his secret message. I disagree. This is treading dangerously close to a heresy that the apostle John and other early church leaders condemned called gnosticism.

I think part of the reason that Jesus is not that interesting to a lot of Christians is not because of what they don't know about him. I think it's because of what they don't do with what they know about him. I know a lot of people who know a lot about Jesus, but their lives don't seem to match up with what he teaches. I find myself in that category more often than I'd like to admit, too.

Some of the more adventuresome times of my life are when I am following Jesus' call to a radically different life. It has taken me amazing places and has often required courage that I didn't have at the time.

If you find Jesus as a less-than-interesting character, then try actually doing what he says. Then let me know what happens.


Robby said...

That stings..

John T. Meche III said...

I read the first paragraph and thought, "Woah. That's textbook gnosticism." Secret knowledge. Wow. I don't mean to insult him for insult's sake, but I seriously have to wonder if he has ever read any church history...